While we still plan to provide a log of updates and planned projects, we will be posting more frequent project updates to our patreon: Link. Concerning updates, we've released two senko-san themed works in our translations section, and we still plan to continue regular releases of oyome-chan.

After a long silence, we're finally back! We're coming out of the gate with a re-done TL of Kitsune no Oyome-chan chapter 1, and the newly translated chapter 2. We plan to add new chapters every week.

We have finished "Kitsune-mimi no Onnanoko ga Isekai Kara Kite Kureta sou desu yo!?". You can find it under the Translations tab. I hope you enjoy it!

The redrawing on "Kitsune-mimi no Onnanoko ga Isekai Kara Kite Kureta sou desu yo!?" is taking a bit longer than expected. At this point we're about halfway through with the redraw. The translation and typeset is already finalized, so it shouldn't be too long until we can publish it. In the meantime, we've finished working on a short Batta released in "Towako Oboro Emaki Ichi", called "Just Do It!".

We're halfway through translating "Kitsune-mimi no Onnanoko ga Isekai Kara Kite Kureta sou desu yo!?" It's looking pretty good, and I have to say I'm personally excited to see this one finished!

Continuing on the Batta train, we've translated the first 5 chapters of Batta's work for the Fukakusaya project. We'll be taking a little break from Batta's works, and instead focus on pushing out various Doujinshi in these next few weeks.

We've finally finished the translation of chapter 1 of Batta's "kitsune no Oyome-chan". Keep an eye out for future translations in this series!

We've finished translating "Punishing Sex with a Mischievous Vixen Girl" by the circle yatsuashiya! You can find it under the Translations tab.

Translating Kitsune no Oyome-chan is taking a bit more time than we expected, so in the meantime we're working on translating Punishing Sex with a Mischievous Vixen GirlIt should be done by this weekend!

We are currently working on translating Chapter 1 of "kitsune no Oyome-chan", a slice of life manga produced by Batta.